USA Cheerleading Scholarship Program

Young Athlete Scholarship Program

The USA Cheerleading Federation, also known as the United States All Star Federation, or USASF, understands the unique costs associated with cheerleading. This is why they offer the Young Athlete Scholarship Program, which is a cheerleading scholarship program designed to help cheerleaders pay the associated costs of their sport.

This is not a college cheerleading scholarship. The USASF has a separate program for that. Instead, this cheerleader scholarship is used to pay all of the costs associated with cheerleading, such as gym fees, competition fees, uniform fees, travel costs, and other associated cheerleading fees. Awards are merit based and need based.

Merit based scholarships offered through the USASF Young Athlete Scholarship Program are given to those cheerleaders who show outstanding talent and academic skills. Winners also are leaders within their community. Winners of this cheerleading scholarship are considered to be well rounded individuals by the selection committee.

Those who are eligible for the merit based Young Athlete Scholarship Program will be between nine and seventeen years old, have at least a 3.5 GPA, and they must have been a member of the USASF for at least one year prior to the award of the cheerleading scholarship. Furthermore, the gym that recommends the cheerleader for the scholarship must also be a USASF member gym.

The application process for the merit based scholarship includes filling out the application, writing a 350 word essay, and including a current and past year report card. Additionally, you must submit a DVD with a performance that is at least 90 seconds long that portrays a full arrangement of skills. You must also include recommendation forms or letters from a gym coach or owner, an organization, and one of your parents.

Need based cheerleader scholarships are awarded to those cheerleaders who have a true financial need. The cheerleader must submit a gym fee request form from the owner of their gym, and financial need must be supported with documentation. The cheerleader must also have a satisfactory academic record as well.

The eligibility requirements for the need based awards are not as stringent. You must be between nine and seventeen years old, have a 2.5 GPA, and be a member of the USASF for at least twelve months at the time the cheer scholarship is awarded. Again, the recommending gym must be a USASF member gym. The application process is the same for the need based awards as it is for the merit based award, except that you must also include a letter from your parent or guardian that gives information regarding your financial need, as well as an additional letter from your gym coach stating your financial need.

The USASF scholarship committee selects winners with a panel of judges after reviewing all of the submitted scholarship applications, and winners are usually chosen and notified early in April of each year. Funds that are awarded through the USA Cheerleading Federation Young Athlete Scholarship Program are sent directly to the winner’s gym, in their name, and the funds awarded must be used within one year of the date the award is given.


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