The Indiana All-State Academic Cheerleading Scholarships

Indiana All-State Academic Cheer Team Scholarships

Each year, one member of the Indiana All-State Academic Cheer Team receives a $1000 cheerleading scholarship for college. There are two opportunities each year to compete for this cheerleader scholarship – in the fall, at the State Championships, and in the spring, at the All-State Academic Cheer Team competition. If you are a senior cheerleader in Indiana, it is important that you participate in these competitions – especially if you plan to attend college and have financial need.

The Indiana All-State Academic Cheer Team Scholarship is awarded to a high school senior, who must be a cheerleader, and must participate in at least one of the competitions. Because the cheer scholarship is awarded through the competitions, winners are obviously chosen based on their cheerleading talent alone. Financial need and academics do not play a role.

However, you must realize that in order to accept the university cheerleading scholarship, you must have plans to attend college, and of course the necessary grades to get into the college of your choice. Furthermore, you do not have to be planning to cheer in college, as this is not a requirement. There are many colleges that offer cheerleading scholarships in Indiana so you are not restricted to attend any specific college.

While you must have great cheerleading talent, it is important to realize that these competitions are only for cheerleaders in the state of Indiana. This means that in terms of competition for the scholarship, your competition consists of other senior cheerleaders, who go to school in the state of Indiana, and who participate in these competitions. This actually narrows the competition a great deal, making it more possible for you to win the cheer scholarship. In the grand scheme of things, your chances are just as good as all other senior cheerleaders in the state of Indiana that are competing for cheerleading financial aid.

While academics do not play into the award of the cheer scholarship, it is important to note any requirements that your high school may have concerning your grades and competitions. Most schools these days have strict grade point average requirements for participation in any sport, including cheerleading. Make sure that you keep your record at your high school in great shape, so that you are eligible to compete.

It is also a good idea to let your cheer coach know that you are shooting for the Indiana cheerleading scholarship. This gives your coach the opportunity to work with you and your team to design an outstanding program for the competition, which increases your chances of winning the scholarship – and the competition. Your cheer coach understands the importance of the competition, as well as the scholarship, and will be very beneficial in helping you to obtain it.

If you are not a senior in high school, but you are a cheerleader, it is a good idea to attend as many of these competitions as possible before you become a senior, so that you can see who the winners are, making special note of their cheer routines that won them the competition. This actually serves to prepare you for the competitions that will be held when you are a senior, again increasing your chances of walking away with the scholarship for cheeerleading awarded by the Indiana All-State Academic Cheer Team.