Preparing for Cheerleader Scholarships

Preparing for Cheerleading Scholarships

Unlike many other types of scholarships, cheerleading scholarships are a bit unique. Many other types of scholarships cannot be prepared for, so to speak – but this isn’t the case for cheerleader scholarships. These scholarships actually can be prepared for, starting in your freshman year of high school or earlier. Here is some information that will help you prepare for one of these scholarships.

Start by making a list of all of the cheerleader scholarships that are available to you. Make detailed notes concerning eligibility requirements and deadlines for applying. Include information about competitions where cheerleading scholarships are awarded, as well as what is required at those competitions. Get to work, making sure that you have met all of the requirements. Put those tryouts and deadlines in your calendar. Know what is expected of you, and be prepared for it.

Keep records of everything that you do. Often, more than skill and talent is considered when scholarships are awarded. Past community service, leadership abilities, and academics are also considered. Keep a running list of all awards you have won, how you placed in competitions, and any other type of recognition or honors that you have received.

Because most of the better cheerleading scholarships come directly from the college, and are only available to cheerleaders who have made the college cheer squad, it is vitally important that you be aware of the eligibility requirements of the college, of the cheer squad at that college, and the requirements for trying out for the squad. It is vital that you be aware of tryout dates, application dates, what the tryout will consist of, how cheerleaders are selected, dress codes for tryouts and any other pertinent information.

It is also a good idea to watch the current college cheer squad in action as much as possible. This will give you inside knowledge about what the judges or coaches are looking for at tryouts. Learn their routines. Pay attention to their stunts. Make a video that you can refer to over and over again so that your chances of making the cheerleading squad of your choice are greatly increased.

Take time and care when filling out applications – including applications that are often required for cheerleader tryouts. Give a great deal of thought to your answers, and make sure that your applications are neat and orderly, and that everything that is requested is included with the application, such as proof of insurance and application fees.

Remember that for cheerleading scholarships that are offered by the colleges, in most cases you must apply for and be accepted by the college in order to attend tryouts. However, applying to and being accepted by the school is not a commitment to attend the school. If you do not make the squad, just move on to the next tryout, at the next school of your choice. You may find that you are very busy during the months of March and April with college cheerleader tryouts – and in some cases, you may have to choose one tryout over another, which means that you are essentially turning down one school irrevocably.

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