USA Cheer Federation Collegiate Scholarship Program

USA Cheerleading Federation Collegiate Scholarship


If you are a cheerleader planning to attend college, it pays to be a member of the United States All Star Federation, also known as the USA Cheerleading Federation. Through this organization, you can apply for the USA Cheerleading Federation Collegiate Scholarship Program.

This cheerleading scholarship is available to high school seniors who have been participating in all star cheerleading and dance. Although the amount of the awards and the number of awards given each year vary from year to year, based on available funds, the awards are usually quite substantial, and they are only awarded once – they are non-renewable.

The Collegiate Cheer Scholarships are performance and merit based. This means that in order for a cheerleader to be considered for the cheerleader college scholarship, he or she must show a passion for cheerleading, show leadership abilities, show community involvement, and of course have great cheerleading skills. You must also be planning to attend college as a full time student, and you must have been a member of the USASF for at least twelve months at the time the cheerleader scholarship is awarded.

To apply for the USA Cheerleading Federation Collegiate Scholarship Program, you must completely fill out the application, and submit it along with a 350 word essay, which will be written on the questions given for your application year. This essay needs a great deal of thought and attention, as it does weigh heavily during the selection process. You must also submit a 90 second DVD, with a performance that includes a full arrangement of skills.

With your application, essay, and DVD, you must also submit your high school transcripts, a recommendation form from your All Star Cheer Coach and a recommendation form from an All Star Cheer Owner or Program Director.

There are different stages of the selection process, with each stage having a separate panel of judges. The selection process stages include the application review, a review of recommendation letters, an essay review, and a DVD review. The results from each stage will be reviewed by another committee, where finalists are selected. Finally, another panel of judges will interview each of the finalists, and winners will be chosen.

It is important to note that while performance and merit are the main thing that the judges are looking at, they will also consider financial need as a part of the selection process. Finalists are notified via postal mail, and award winners are notified through their gym, as well as through mail. Winners are notified during the month of April each year, and the funds from the scholarship award are sent directly to the college that you will be attending.

The USASF has done a great deal for the sport of cheerleading through the years, and now, with the USA Cheerleading Federation Collegiate Scholarship Program, their support and influence on the sport is carried over to the college level as well. Again, it definitely pays off to be a member of the USASF, and if you are a cheerleader planning to attend college, you will want to become a member as soon as possible so you can apply to this cheering scholarship.


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