University of Arkansas Razorback Cheerleading  Squad Cheer Scholarships

Arkansas Razorback Cheer Squad Scholarships

Have you dreamed of cheering for the University of Arkansas Razorbacks? If so, you may be eligible for University of Arkansas Razorback Cheer Squad Cheerleading Scholarships – if you make one of the cheerleading squads.

The University of Arkansas has two cheerleading squads – the Cheer Red Squad and the Cheer White Squad. Each squad has six females and six males, for a total of 12 cheerleaders per squad. On each squad, the males and females are divided into ‘couples’ which essentially means that they are cheer partners for stunts.

On the Cheer Red Squad, six couples are awarded the Red Squad Cheer Scholarships. This means every member of the Cheer Red Squad gets scholarships that cover their college tuition. The university cheerleading scholarships available to the Cheer Red Squad are more than those that are awarded to the Cheer White Squad, because the Cheer Red Squad is the main cheerleading squad for the University of Arkansas. An alternate couple is also selected for the Cheer Red Squad. This alternate couple will also receive a cheerleader scholarship, but it is the equivalent of the White Squad Scholarship.

For the Cheer White cheeerleading scholarships, eight couples are awarded. Remember that there are only actually six couples on the squad, but for the White Squad, there are typically two alternate couples as well, and those couples are also awarded scholarships for cheerleading. However, the alternate couples, in this situation, do not receive college cheerleading scholarships that cover any portion of their tuition. Instead, they receive a book scholarship for each semester that they are on the squad. As the name suggests, this is a cheerleaders scholarship that essentially pays for the Cheer White alternates college text books.

While the amounts of the cheerleading scholarship awards vary from year to year, based on funds available, it is important to note that the cheer scholarships for the Red Squad typically cover full tuition, minus fees and housing, while the White Squad scholarships cover partial tuition, minus fees and housing.

Of course, to be eligible for either university cheerleading scholarship, you must first obtain a position on one of the squads. Tryouts are usually held in the spring, at the end of the Basketball Season. Tryouts begin for high school seniors and transfer students by submitting a DVD for first round selections. If you are selected from your DVD submission, you will be required to travel to Fayetteville, Arkansas, at your expense, for the tryouts, where a panel of judges will make a selection of finalists.

Past this point, there are two more phases for the cheerleader selection. You will be interviewed in one phase, and your skills will be assessed in the final phase. Interestingly, for these two phases, there are six judges for each phase. The highest and lowest scores are dropped, and cheerleaders are selected based on the remaining four judge’s scores.

University of Arkansas cheerleader scholarships

UOA Cheer Razorback Mascot

Cheerleading tryouts for universities are very different from high school tryouts, and it is important to note that not all high school cheerleaders are really prepared for what is expected of them during college cheerleading tryouts, or as a college cheerleader. Make sure that you visit the University of Arkansas Cheerleaders Website to learn more about what is expected of you during tryouts, and as a Razorback Cheerleader if getting a college cheerleading scholarship financial aid is important to you.