How to Find Cheerleader Scholarships

Finding Cheerleading Scholarships

Finding cheerleading scholarships for college that are worth anything is really very difficult. It’s almost like the best kept secret in the college scholarship world. However, there are ways to find quality unknown cheerleading scholarships that you may be eligible for. Here are some ideas.

1. Check out cheerleading competitions. Many of the cheerleading competitions offer scholarships to winners, and often to those who place first in various divisions. Sometimes, these are very lucrative scholarships, and sometimes they are small awards. However, they all count – so participate in any and all competitions that offer scholarship awards. Try your best, but remember that hundreds, if not thousands, of cheerleaders will be vying for the limited number of scholarships available through these competitions.

2. Check with all cheerleading associations. Most cheerleading associations have some sort of scholarship program, although most are for very small awards. However, again, it all adds up and counts, so go ahead and take the time to find out about those scholarships, and what the requirements are, and start applying for them. Note that many cheerleading associations aren’t very vocal about available scholarships, and you may need to call or email the association directly to make an inquiry regarding cheerleading scholarships that might be available. Never be afraid to ask.

3. Check with any athletic organizations in your state. Many states have athletic organizations that offer cheerleading scholarships, because cheerleading really is a sport. Some of these cheerleading scholarships are fairly lucrative as well, but the competition for these awards is also pretty stiff. Ask your high school coach about athletic organizations in your state, and contact those organizations for more information.

4. Check with your own high school. Some high schools award small scholarships through various scholarship funds. Some are specifically for cheer leaders who show extraordinary talent, or for those who serve as head cheerleaders or squad captains. Often, your high school cheerleader coach will also be aware of cheerleader scholarships that are available outside of the school as well.

5. Check with local gyms. Some local gyms have scholarship opportunities, although the awards are typically small. Again, every dime counts, so make sure that you ask if scholarships exist, and take full advantage of any one that you are eligible for. Note that not all gyms have scholarship programs – but it never hurts to ask.

6. Check with the colleges that you would like to attend. This is where the best cheerleading scholarships come from. Many colleges offer the cheerleaders who make the squad full ride scholarships for as long as they are on the squad. Other colleges offer partial scholarships, or just housing scholarships. Find out what your top choices have to offer, and definitely make it a point to check into colleges that offer their cheerleaders full ride scholarships.

Although the opportunities for college cheerleading scholarships are few and far between, there really are good cheerleading scholarships out there, if you just look for them. Make sure that you also take advantage of any non-cheerleading related scholarships that you may qualify for as well.

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