Easy Cheerleading Scholarships

Easy Cheerleading Scholarships

Because college scholarships for cheerleading really are scarce, most cheerleaders select colleges and universities that offer great scholarships through the athletic program – especially those colleges that automatically award their cheerleaders with easy scholarships. While this isn’t the case for all colleges and universities, there are several that are popular choices for cheerleaders, because of the easy scholarship opportunities.

The University of Florida is one such college. The school offers partial scholarships for tuition for their Orange and Blue Cheerleading Squads each semester. Not all cheerleaders will get easy scholarships, however, as these are awarded based on financial need, academic achievement, and the number of years that you have been on one of the cheerleading squads.

Another popular school for cheerleading scholarships is Louisiana State University, or LSU. The school does not, however, refer to these as easy scholarships. Instead, they are referred to as Financial Service Awards. Cheerleaders are awarded with these financial awards based on the cheer squad that they are on and how many years you have been on the squad. The cheerleader scholarships are determined and awarded by the spirit director and the cheerleading coach.

Waldorf College in Iowa offers easy scholarships to all of their cheerleaders, after they have made the squad, however the amount of your scholarship will be based on your skill, your financial need, and your ACT or GPA scores. Likewise, Marion University in Indiana also offers scholarships to each of their cheerleaders, providing that the cheerleaders meet all of the cheerleading requirements throughout the season, and providing that each individual cheerleader’s financial aid package has room for the scholarship.

The University of Hawaii is another popular school, with a great scholarship opportunity for cheerleaders. The school annually awards between twelve and fourteen scholarships to cheerleaders. These easy scholarships cover full tuition for in state and out of state students.

Gadsden State Community College in Alabama awards ten college cheerleading scholarships annually. Each cheer scholarship is non-renewable, but returning cheerleaders are eligible to try out for the scholarships each year that they are on the squad. These easy scholarships for cheerleaders cover tuition and books, but do not include fees or housing.

Finally, Fort Hays University in Kansas can get dorm scholarships in the amount of $1000. This is to help pay for housing only. There are numerous colleges and universities that have such housing easy scholarships for their cheerleaders. Furthermore, most of the universities these days also provide cheerleaders with their uniforms, pom-poms, and all other gear associated with cheerleading, including outfits for camps, and camp fees, as well as transportation costs to camps and competitions.

Cheerleading isn’t just fun. It can also open doors to paying for your higher education, and all cheerleaders should look into the possibilities and opportunities that are available to them, starting with the specific college that they plan to attend. Remember, however, that the easy scholarships that are available for cheerleaders through the school are only available to those who are actually a member of the cheerleading squad – so you do have to try out and make the squad before you will be eligible for the available university cheerleading scholarships.