Scholarships cheerleading from Wallace State community college in Alabama

Wallace State Community College Cheer Scholarships

While Wallace State Community College in Alabama may not be a well known school, it could be a place to get started – especially if you want or need college cheerleading scholarships. Many college level cheerleaders start at community colleges, and later transfer to four year universities, as members of the universities cheerleading squads.

At Wallace State Community College, cheerleading isn’t only considered a sport, it is considered to be a scholarship program as well. All cheerleaders who make the squad are awarded cheer scholarships, but there are two levels of cheerleading financial aid scholarships available to cheerleaders.

The first level of cheerleader scholarships at Wallace is the full athletic scholarships. These scholarships cover all tuition, books, and fees. The second level is the full tuition cheerleader scholarship, which just covers tuition and fees. Cheer scholarships are awarded based on availability, financial need, and scores.

The cheerleader scholarship program at Wallace goes a bit further by providing all of their cheerleaders with uniforms, practice clothing, the cost of camps and competitions, and travel expenses that are related to cheerleading. Any other costs, which are associated with your cost as a cheerleader, are also covered by the school.

Cheerleaders at Wallace are also required to show academic excellence. For this reason, cheerleaders and other athletes at the school are provided with tutors, free of charge, as they are needed. Grades are monitored by the athletic department, and if grades start to fall, the athletic department steps in to help. Cheerleaders are also provided with assistance with class scheduling problems, and are excused from classes during athletic events that they are required to attend, without penalty. However, class work that is missed must of course be made up.

Furthermore, cheerleaders have access to top facilities at the school, with access to the weight and training rooms, the video rooms, a practice room with mirrored walls, and a full size competition floor.

Of course, before you can have access to all of these things, including the cheerleading scholarships at Wallace State Community College in Alabama, you will have to make the squad. Cheerleader tryouts typically occur in April of each year, and all those who want to try out for the squad must attend a mandatory clinic for approximately three days prior to the tryout. Although the clinic is not the official tryout, the coach often makes cuts during this period, weeding out those who do not show the level of skill that is desired, or the right attitude or behavior to represent the school.

Finally, during tryouts, you must show a variety of mandatory skills, which include a standing back handspring, standing back tuck, and more. Make sure that you visit the website well in advance of the clinic and tryouts to find out what the mandatory skills are before planning to attend the tryouts.

At the end of the tryouts, there will be 24 cheerleaders ready to cheer the various Wallace State Community College athletic teams on to victory, and all twenty four of those cheerleaders will be receiving the college cheerleading scholarships.