Requirements for University Cheerleading Scholarships

Cheerleading Scholarship Requirements

If being a cheerleader full of spirit and heart, with a winning personality was all that it took to get university cheerleading scholarships, the world would be a beautiful place. Unfortunately, it takes so much more than that to qualify for and obtain a cheerleading scholarship. In the past, college cheerleading scholarships didn’t even exist, and cheerleaders weren’t even taken seriously in terms of academics. These days that has changed. Cheerleading is rightfully recognized as a sport, and cheerleaders are often members of the National Honor Society. But, what does it really take to obtain a cheerleading scholarship?

Naturally, you need a great deal of talent and skill, in terms of cheerleading. Depending on the college that you will be attending, you may need extensive dance and gymnastic skills and abilities as well. This is very important, because most cheerleading scholarships are only awarded to college cheerleaders through the athletic department of the college that they are attending. There are very few scholarships awarded to students simply because they were cheerleaders in high school.

That doesn’t mean that what you achieve in high school doesn’t matter. It matters a great deal, but it extends much further than what you achieved as a cheerleader – although that matters as well. First, you will want to participate in as many competitions during your high school years as you possibly can – and you want to place well in those competitions. First, many cheerleading competitions have cheerleading scholarships as prizes. Second, all of that participation – especially awards won during those competitions, will be important on your application for college cheerleading squads.

At the same time, you cannot devote all of your time and effort to being an outstanding cheerleader. You must also be an outstanding academic student as well if you want to win a cheerleading scholarship. Remember that many college cheerleaders today were members of the National Honor Society in high school, and continue to be members throughout college. Do whatever it takes to maintain a high academic GPA, and realize that this could net you additional academic scholarships that have nothing to do with cheerleading as well.

Community service and leadership are also important. Devote time and effort to your community by getting involved in non-profit organizations, or participating in special community projects that your school takes part in. They say that no good deed goes unpunished, but when you are trying to get college scholarships, including cheerleading scholarships, no good deed goes unnoticed – lack of good deeds, however, is very noticeable and frowned upon.

Talk to your cheerleading coach and your high school counselor. Listen to the advise that they give you, and apply for all non-cheerleading scholarships that you are eligible for, and let them help you to find the best college for your education, which also offers outstanding cheerleader scholarships to those who make the college squad. This way, even if you do not win any university cheerleading scholarships, you will have won enough other types of financial aid scholarships to pay for your education.