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Christian Cheer Scholarships

If you are a cheerleader, and going to college is important to you, you need to make sure that your squad is going to compete in the Christian Cheer Association Nationals for a chance at one of their big cheerleeding scholarships. At the end of this competition, over $1,000,000 in Cheer scholarships and prizes are awarded.

These are very financially lucrative college cheerleading scholarships that you need to try to win. Despite how much financial aid can be gained from placing well, or winning, the CCA Nationals, there isn’t much information available about those scholarships for cheerleading on the Internet. Instead, information is given when you call the Christian Cheer Association directly for specific information about their Cheer scholarships.

One of the best things about the Cheer scholarships that are awarded at the National Competition is that they are all performance based – and not based on academic achievement or community involvement. Furthermore, there is no application process at all. Instead, you and your squad just need to participate in the National championship held each year in March by the Christian Cheer Association.

When your squad registers for the CCA Nationals, there will be over fifty divisions to choose from. If getting a cheerleader scholarship is important to you, make sure that you call CCA directly to inquire as to which divisions will be awarding scholarship prizes. Otherwise, the division that your squad opts to compete in may not offer cheerleader scholarship awards.

Also realize that these competitions are very important to all cheerleaders, and that there will be a great deal of competition. These are very lively events, which are full of activity, lasting for an entire weekend. There is typically a welcome party, a cheer scholar’s ceremony, a coach of the year ceremony, a concert, an awards banquet, a stunt-a-thon, solos and duo competitions, all star competitions, school team competitions, college competitions, and partner stunt competitions.

On top of the entry fee, your squad will be required to provide for your own transportation, lodging, and food to attend the event. Many squads hold fundraisers throughout the year to raise the needed funds for attendance and participation. If your squad wants to compete, make sure that you start your fund raising efforts early.

Paying for college isn’t easy, and you need to take advantage of every potential opportunity to get help paying for your higher education as possible. As a cheerleader, the Christian Cheer Association Nationals is one way of taking advantage of those scholarship opportunities. Realize, however, that just attending and participating will not net you a cheerleading scholarship for college. You and your squad need to have true cheerleading skills and talent to even be a contender, as this is a national competition, and while there are over $1,000,000 in scholarships and prizes available, this certainly isn’t enough to go around to everyone who will participate. However, it is definitely worth attending and attempting to win one of these coveted college cheerleading scholarships.

To get more information about the Christian Cheer Association Nationals, and the cheerleading scholarships that are won at that competition, you can call the association at 877-243-3722, or send an email to Alternately, you can register for the CCA Nationals through their website, at There is an $80 fee per squad for registration

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