Scholarship for cheerleading by NJCDCA

NJCDCA Cheerleading Scholarship

If you are a cheerleader in a New Jersey high school, you may be eligible for the New Jersey Cheerleading and Dance Coaches Association Scholarship. This cheerleading scholarship awards varying amounts each year to the winners of the scholarships for cheerleaders, but it is usually more than $1500.

It is important to note that in order to be eligible for the NJCDCA Cheerleading Scholarship your school must be a member of the NJCDCA. If your school is not a member, you might want to talk to your cheerleading coach, or other school officials to encourage them to become a member – which is really as simple as filling out a short form and paying a small fee for membership.

You also need to have a clear understanding of how recipients are selected for this college cheerleading scholarship. The NJCDCA states that the cheer scholarships are awarded to recognize outstanding cheerleaders and dancers in the state of New Jersey. This recognition is based on academic performance and achievement, as well as athletic excellence in dance or cheerleading. This means that you need to be a good academic student, and a great cheerleader to qualify. You must also be a high school senior, currently on the cheerleading squad.

The deadline for applying for this scholarship for cheerleading varies each year, but typically occurs in March. There is no grace period, and any application that is received after the deadline will not be considered. It is also important to note that incomplete applications will not be considered as well. A complete application is one that has an application form completely filled out, a high school transcript, a personal essay, and a coach’s recommendation form. If your application lacks any of these things, you will not be considered.

It is also important to note that the application, transcript, and the personal essay should all be submitted together, but the NJCDCA suggests that the coach submit the coach’s recommendation form separately. The student will never see what was written on the coach’s recommendation form, and this information will never be shared with any other person or entity, other than the selection committee.

The number of cheer scholarships that are given out each year also varies, and is usually based on the funds that are available. It is very important to realize, however, that there is no cheerleading competition involved with the selection. You do not have to be a cheerleader in college to qualify for this scholarship either – or even try out for the college team. You are not limited to which college or university you will attend as long as it is in the United States.

What all of this really means is that you need a strong academic record, and a good relationship with your cheer coach, but if you have won awards and competitions as a cheerleader, this will be very beneficial to you as well, when the selection committee starts looking at your application. They take individual awards as well as team awards into consideration. Extracurricular activities, as well as community based activities and service are also considered for the NJCDCA Cheerleading Scholarship.