University cheerleading scholarships at SPC Texas

SPC Cheerleading Scholarships

Even if South Plains College in Texas isn’t your first choice for college, it is definitely worth looking into if you are a cheerleader, and in need of cheerleading scholarships. The school awards twelve university cheerleading scholarships, in the amount of $2000 each, each year. In fact, because of the outstanding performances of the SPC Texan Cheerleaders at competitions, many cheerleaders choose South Plains College as their first choice school.

Unfortunately, not all cheerleaders on the squad are awarded cheer scholarships. Instead, the cheerleaders who win the scholarship awards are actually selected by a panel of judges after they have participated in a cheerleading workshop conducted by the school. All cheerleaders are eligible for the scholarships, however, including incoming freshmen.

In addition to the twelve cheerleading scholarships that are awarded, South Plains College also provides all of their cheerleaders with uniforms and shoes, pom-poms, travel bags, and warm up outfits. Furthermore, the school also pays all of the expenses for the summer cheerleading camp that the cheerleaders are expected to attend.

Of course, regardless of whether you receive one of the twelve cheerleading scholarships or not, as a cheerleader for South Plains College, a great deal is expected of you. The school views cheerleaders as ambassadors of the school. For this reason, those cheerleaders are held to a higher standard than other students, in terms of their behavior and conduct.

Additional cheerleading requirements at South Plains College include being a full time student at the college, enrollment in the cheerleading class that is required to meet four times each week, maintaining a 2.50 GPA each semester, attending all games and other events where the cheerleaders are required to attend, pass random drug tests, show good sportsmanship at all times, and of course, to always have a positive attitude.

If you want to be a Texan Cheerleader, it is a good idea to take a look at the current cheerleading squad at SPC. Pay special attention to the high school achievements of the first year cheerleaders. What is quite noticeable is that most of the first year cheerleaders have many things in common, such as being on the honor roll or being members of the National Honor Society. They have also won numerous cheerleading awards and recognitions in high school, such as All-American Cheerleader.

Also note that the cheerleaders who are returning, and are at least sophomores in college, also have many similarities, such as being members of the National Honor Society. By looking at this information, you will see that there really is a high standard for cheerleaders at SPC, and you need to make sure that you hold yourself to that same high standard before you tryout if you hope to succeed as a SPC Texan Cheerleader – and if you want one of those cheerleading scholarships.

At SPC, it isn’t just about cheerleading. It is about cheering, promoting a positive attitude, learning about nutrition and proper personal healthcare, and so much more. Cheerleaders at SPC are expected to have well rounded college lives, following well rounded high school careers, so that they are fully prepared to live full and well rounded lives past college.