Carl Albert State College Cheerleading Scholarships in Oklahoma

Carl Albert State College Cheerleading Scholarships

If you are searching for a good colleges that offer great cheerleading scholarships, you may not have to look any further than Carl Albert State College in Oklahoma. Each year, the school awards 19 cheerleading scholarships, and one team mascot scholarship.

These cheerleading scholarship awards pay full tuition, covering twelve to sixteen hours per semester, as well as the cost of textbooks. Because there are 19 cheerleading scholarships available each year and there are usually only eighteen cheerleaders on the squad, this is a good indication that there is an alternate, who is also awarded a scholarship, and that every cheerleader on the squad is also awarded a scholarship. This is a very big deal, because it means that financial need is not taken into account in getting a cheerleading scholarship through the Carl Albert State College Athletic Department.

Of course, what it does mean is that you need to make the cheerleading squad. Tryouts are held each April at the college, and there is a $10 registration fee that is due when you arrive for the tryouts. You must also arrive with proof that you will soon be graduating from high school, that you have already graduated from high school, or that you have a GED. You must also show proof of health insurance coverage before you will be allowed to try out, and if you are under the age of eighteen, you must additionally have a medical release form signed by your parent or guardian. Don’t bother showing up for the tryouts without these items, as you will not be allowed to participate at all without them.

Also note that tryouts cover about three days – usually a weekend. During this time, there is a clinic, and there will be cuts made during the clinic, before the final tryouts begin. During the tryouts, you must work hard for those coveted cheerleader scholarships. You will be expected to perform a series of jumps that include the toe touch, double toe touch, the herkie, the hurdler, and the pike.

You must also successfully perform various stunts that include toss to Liberty variation, toss to Shoulder stand, a one arm stunt, full down from a heel stretch, and one optional stunt. A stunt partner will be provided to you for this portion of the tryouts, however, male stunt partners can only be used as partners for four different females for the duration of the tryouts.

Naturally, tumbling is a part of the tryout process as well, and too often, this is the road block between you and your cheerleading scholarship. You will be required to perform three passes that contain four tricks. You will have to do a round-off back handspring back tuck, a standing back, standing two handsprings to full, and a toe touch back tuck. Make sure that you not only know what the judges are expecting from you, but that you are able to perform these tumbling skills.

Finally, in order to try out for the squad, and to attain a spot on the team, with the cheerleading scholarship that comes with the position, you absolutely must adhere to the clothing regulations for tryouts. Men should wear polo shirts with athletic shorts and proper athletic shoes, and women must wear a sports bra, soffee style athletic shorts, and cheer shoes.

When it comes to colleges that offer cheerleading college scholarships consider an exceptional program with the Carl Albert State College cheerleading scholarships to help finance your college education.